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Children’s Qaspeq Pattern - 6 months to 15 yrs

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The long awaited children’s Qaspeq kuspuk pattern is here! Sizes from 6 months to 15 years. You’ll need minimum of 2 yards.


This is for Children’s sizes 6 months to 15 years.

Included in this printable pattern is a short step by step process and is for advance sewing. This is one of the first Digitized Qaspeq | Kuspak patterns out there that is Authentically Native handmade.

I'm using a pattern given to me from my Mother in Law Audrey Milionta who is of Aleut & Yupik heritage. She also sews baby qaspeqs and quilts without her guidance this pattern wouldn't have come into fruition. Quyana Cakneq!

Any questions, please feel free to email me. I'm creating the childrens sizes next and working on a tutorial to go with my pattern. Quyan -Marie


This pattern must be printed with all margins included on 8x10 paper.

Pattern sales are final & cannot be refunded. Each pattern can be reprinted from the original link. Please credit my pattern when using.

Disclaimer: This pattern is not for redistribution or classroom settings. You may reach out to me for classroom patterns. A qaspeq-kuspuk can be worn and appreciated by everyone but it is only acceptable for Alaska Natives or Indigenous Members to use this pattern to sell their creations. Quyana.

This is the first Online - Printable Qaspeq - Kuspuk Pattern actually made by an Alaska Native. Any other's are cultural appropriated patterns sold without any benefit to a tribe or Indigenous person. This pattern is made with Native Indigenous communities in mind who want to create and pass on traditions.




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